What You See is What You Get

WYSIWYG (pronounced WIZ-ee-wig) is an acronym for “What You See is What You Get”.  In Ascend Version 2.9, due out on March 18th, we’re delivering WYSIWYG to your receipts.

What You See is What You Get:

When ringing up a sale, many of you scan items in a specific order for your customers.  It looks just like you want it to.  But when you print out a receipt for them, it’s in an entirely different order.  How are the items sorted today?  We’ll send 6 free rolls of Go By Bike receipt paper to the first person that comments on this blog with the right answer!

In Version 2.9, the order of items as you scanned them into the Sales screen will be what prints out on your receipts.  What you see is what you will get.  Now, if you decide to re-sort the items after you’ve added them, the receipt will still print the items in the original order you scanned them.  We will address that scenario later.

QBP Integration:

QBP integration is now operational with Version 2.8.  If you’re on 2.8 and it’s not working, make sure Ascend is properly configured.  Click here for details.  If you’re still on an earlier version of Ascend, now’s the time to upgrade and join over 800 locations that already have.

Stay Tuned for More 2.9 Updates:

In the coming weeks we’ll continue to share more Version 2.9 previews.  Make sure all of your team members are up to date on our plans.  If they’re not on our email list, send their addresses to us at help@ascendrms.com2.9 will be available for early release on February 18th.  It will be available for everyone on March 18th.

26 thoughts on “What You See is What You Get”

  1. Looks like the items on the receipt at printed in ABC order based on the short description from the in store product page.

  2. I think the order of the items on the receipt is determined by the SKU. First it goes in alphabetical order, then numerical order.

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