The End Of Unreconcile

With the new Reconcile Inventory process we’ve changed how you handle products that you missed counting.  Previously you took care of these products, also known as “Unreconciled Inventory”,  after reconciling.  Now you must take of them before you hit the Reconcile button. 

Why did we change this?  

The previous process was very confusing.  It involved many steps.  It was a part of the process that many people missed.

How does it work now?

When you start the Reconcile process you must select the categories of the products you’ve counted.  Then you import the files that include the products you scanned.  If Ascend finds products with a quantity on hand that aren’t included your files, it marks them with a discrepancy of  “Not Scanned”.  You need to investigate these products.  If you find you missed counting a product, determine correct quantity and type it in the New Qty field.  If the product is gone, leave it as is.  Ascend will set the quantity to zero for you after you hit the Reconcile button.

How can you tell when a product has been reconciled?

To see when a product was last counted go to the Details section of the product record.  At the bottom of that section there’s a new Reconciled property.  The Value field will show the date the last time the product was reconciled.  For a consolidated list of products and the last date they were reconciled go to Reports > Inventory and run the Reconciled Inventory report.

Practice makes perfect

If you’ve been doing inventory in Ascend for a while, this new process will be an adjustment.  Before you count your entire store, do a small cycle count of an individual category to try it out.

Ascend Version 2.8 will be released next Tuesday night, December 10th.  We will be hosting two training webinars the morning of Wednesday, December 11th.  Watch your email and our website for registration details.

3 thoughts on “The End Of Unreconcile”

  1. Should be do any sort of “check up” if we are looking to make the change to 2.8 if we are already running 2.6? Not sure if there is any new hardware requirements, etc. Or should it be a simple update?

    1. Steve, you should not have any issues upgrading from Version 2.6 to 2.8. It should be a simple update for you.

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